Meet the Team

First – listen to this audio file, from myself, Bob Proctor, Mike Sims and Wolfgang Sonnenburg. Set aside what you’re doing, and get emotionally involved with what you’re about to hear!

Take a look below, at just a small sampling of the leaders and professionals from around the world, all dedicated to supporting and building the team – your team!

Linda Proctor

Twenty years experience in the network marketing industry earning millions during that time. Prior to network marketing, Linda owned a financial services company helping professionals structure their finances so that they were able to save more of what they were earning. Today Linda helps individuals earn what they require to live the way they choose.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg

Born: 29th April 1952, in Germany. Wolfgang studied Law, had a law and tax accounting office, a company for financial consultation and even construction building. In 1997 he cut everything off, went more than a million DM (Deutsche Mark) in debt, just to be free from this life. At the same time, he came in contact with network marketing and started to build this business. 

Not really experienced in network marketing, but with clear thinking and common sense, he built a huge business, became the number one in Europe, in this company and one of the top three world wide. He earned with this around 20 million. He joined Zija on the 28th of December 2015, very happily joining the Proctor-Team and his main focus is on personal development. Wolfgang achieved the rank of Diamond after 2 months.

Gisbert Reuter

Since 2009 Gisbert Reuter has been helping people all over the Hispanic world, from Spain to South-America, create a better, more self-responsible life; liberating themselves from limitations. Gisbert’s business experience goes back much further than that though... he has started several successful companies dating all the way back to 1998. He is also the author of 2 books (Spanish only) and a specialist for Quantum Creation.

In December 2015 Gisbert found in Zija the perfect partner to make his vision real. With no network marketing experience... and in just two weeks of joining Zija Gisbert Reuter achieved the rank of Gold... Gisbert is definitely the leader in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Together with our team, Gisbert’s goal is to free 1 Million People in the next 5 years. Be one of them!

Marnie Kay

Just a few years ago, saying 'I love what I do' was a fantasy for Marnie. Feeling stuck in a high-powered corporate career, with only 2 weeks vacation a year and all her family back home in Australia, it wasn't until Marnie was introduced to the industry of network marketing that she thought anything would ever change. After building her business for 6 months, Marnie made the decision to leave behind the passion-less path of other-people’s-business to forge her own, and ultimately empower others to do the same. She set some big scary goals, found a mentor in Linda Proctor, worked harder than everyone around her and simply never looked back.

Today, she travels and speaks on the power of multiple sources of income and personal development, has written an Amazon Best-Selling Book titled 'Belief Is The New Black', and is most excited about the future of this industry for millions of people all over the world looking for the same change she was just a short time ago. She dedicates everything she does to living a healthy, happy life full of love and abundance in honour of mother who died suddenly in 2011 of heart disease at age 50. Also, to her little niece Hazel, in the hopes that she only ever knows how powerful she is, nothing less.

And to everyone she meets looking for the same thing she was just a few years ago, change and hope (and some help!)... for a life bigger than your average.

Gerhard Klenner

Trained as a technical engineer, living and working in beautiful Austria until I found network marketing in 2001. Network marketing not only taught me how to become an entrepreneur... it gave me the lifestyle and I love it! Together with my team, we help individuals change their life with natural products and a phenomenal business opportunity. I love the impact this business opportunity and products have on individuals around the globe... allowing them to live a life without stress in health, time and finances. With Zija, I have found the perfect partnership to bring people in balance!

Darrin Gibson

Darrin Gibson hails from Indianapolis, IN where he attended Ivy Tech Community College. There wasn’t much direction or focus in Darrin’s life until he attended Bob Proctor’s Science of Getting Rich seminar in Los Angeles a couple of years later. That’s where things really shifted for Darrin. He had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bob one on one and a couple months later became one of the youngest facilitators in his company, helping people Think Into Results. Through Bob, Darrin met Linda Proctor, where he learned about network marketing. Darrin is a rising young star, who isn’t afraid to take on new endeavors and who surrounds himself with successful people. Darrin has a great work ethic and is just getting started!

Julia Bauer

My name is Julia Bauer, I’m 29 years old. I studied economics at the Vienna University and after I finished, I started to work in a human resources consultancy. This was the ‘typical’ way which my parents and my environment taught me to be. Anyway... there was something in me which was not satisfied at all, I felt stuck. I told my partner how much I’d like to have a business of my own, where I can be true to myself and develop my different skills. I didn’t want to depend on anyone else anymore to tell me what to do. At that time I got to know Network Marketing – this was 4 years ago now – and I felt this was the chance for me to break free, to work with like-minded people, helping them to develop themselves and work towards their individual goals. Since 2015 I am full time Network Marketing and I can’t think of doing anything else anymore: time freedom, I can choose which place on earth I want to work from, I can travel whenever and wherever I want to, and – for me the most important aspect at all – I have TIME for the things and people who are REALLY important to me! I love to work with people worldwide, to work together as a big team and family and to create common goals while progressing towards our individual ones! My vision is clear: How would it be, if as many people as possible could live the life they REALLY want to!?? How would it be, if the people we meet in the streets give you a smile because they are feeling happy!?? Maybe there’s a life after we die, that’s your individual opinion, but for sure, there’s a life before we die and that’s what I want to live everyday!