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Dear Wealth-Seeker

Dear Wealth-Seeker


If there’s one life-changing thing I’ve learned in my adult life, it’s that anyone can alter their inner programming, and enjoy amazing financial prosperity … with just the right information, and a commitment to doing so.

That’s why I’ve written “Earn It, Enjoy It” – to share the 7 wealth-building lessons I learned early in my business and sales career, and which I’ve applied to everything I’ve done since, to create the “pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming” lifestyle my family and I enjoy today.

And because I know how important it is to get this information into the hands and minds of people who could achieve so much with it – people like you – I’ve decided to give away the downloadable e-book version absolutely FREE.

Many of these lessons are interwoven with stories from my own life, that help you understand why it was so important for me to learn them … and hopefully you can see some similarity to situations you, or someone you know, may be going through.

Like how I found myself sitting in a Bob Proctor seminar, in 1979 – just three years into a rather unimpressive “career” in sales – and the steps I soon took to go from an income of just $25,000 … to an incredible $500,000 in just ONE year!

YOU can do it, too!

…simply by applying two simple ideas that I, in all my “wisdom” of the time, almost tossed aside, thinking they were TOO small and insignificant to matter.

But “small changes can make a BIG difference”.

It’s easy when you use the “secret” strategies I reveal in “Earn It, Enjoy It”.

(I say “secret” strategies only because – though these principles are ageless, and have been used by countless others through the years – MOST people either don’t know about them, or simply don’t understand the amazing, life-changing power they contain.)

We’ve all heard that self-discipline is a necessity for achieving success in any field – but what is it, really?

Simply put, it’s your ability to “control” bad habits until such time as you can change them.

The big question is: “How can I do it?”

So, in Chapter 6, you get a simple 6-step process for developing all the discipline you will ever need in your life.

Do you know … there is a single mental move you can make which, in a millisecond, can solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter… and it could literally propel you down the path to incredible success.

(Most people think they’re already doing this every day … but few really are, and even fewer do it right! Want to know what it is? Then check out Chapter 3.)

You’ll discover the #1 way wealthy people create not only financial independence … but security and emotional well-being, too. All in one blow!

Have you ever been given an “aptitude test”?

You’ll see why so-called “aptitude tests” can be dead-wrong about you … and how I’ve proven it time and again!

You might think it a good thing to be considered among “the learned”, right? WRONG! And in Chapter 5, you’ll see why I – and so many other leaders – feel this way … as well as what you should strive to be, instead!

Now I want you to take the following statement, and commit it not just to memory but to the very core of your being:

“I take complete and absolute responsibility for the results I experience in all aspects of my life. Because I know I am responsible for what comes into my life, I daily train my mind to view everything that happens to me, for me, or around me, as a lesson.”

Easier said than done?  Perhaps … but not once you’ve read Chapter 4!

And I save the best (or at least the “most critical”) for last, of course. Because without taking this one step, all your dreaming, all your planning, all your discipline even … is useless! So be sure you read all the way through to the end of Wealth Lesson 7, in Chapter 8.

Yes, these principles I share with you in the pages of “Earn It, Enjoy It” have kept me at the top of my profession for close to 30 years.

And now they can be yours to prosper from.

Earn it and Enjoy it, my friend,

– Linda Proctor