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Why Persistence is Essential

Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich, “There may be no heroic connotation to the word persistence, but that quality is to the character of the human being what carbon is to steel.”

Hill was right. Persistence is a unique mental strength..

Moral Compensation

You see, wealthy people have always had multiple sources of income. I believe that wealth is a very real part of life – it has to be addressed and understood. A person cannot live a full life if he doesn’t have any money, because we use money for things, and we need things for the development of our potential..

An Effective Strategy to a Balanced Life

Work Less and earn more, you must be kidding! When I first heard that concept many years ago, I thought it was a salesman’s clever pitch. I was sure this was not so. My family, probably like yours had long preached the gospel of hard work and having a good work ethic. Hard work – […]

Big Dreams, Big Plan

If your annual income suddenly became your monthly income, how would you be living? Interesting question, isn’t it? Take a minute to really think of your response. Stop reading.. so that you can write down your answer and then ponder the response. Do that now. I think we would all agree that if our annual […]

Choosing A Mentor

In a little over a year I went from earning $20,000 per year and feeling very frustrated with my results and the time I was putting in, to earning close to half a million dollars a year. You would have to admit those are pretty dramatic changes. But you are also probably wondering how did […]

Multiple Sources of Income

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase… multiple sources of income… but if you’re a little uncertain as to what it means… permit me to give you an example. When I was in the financial services industry, I would encourage my clients to diversify their assets. For some, that would mean that part of their assets […]