A successful business owner for 25 years and author of Earn it and Enjoy It, Linda Proctor has transformed the notion of the ideal career into a reality.

Her road to wealth began in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked in the financial department of an international organization. That’s when Linda took her first courageous step, taking the position of an insurance agent on straight commission.

While the first four years were a struggle, persistence paid off and Linda made a major breakthrough, taking her annual income from $25,000 to half a million following a Bob Proctor Seminar. From this experience, Linda learned:

Just A Small Change in Behavior Can Create Amazing Results

In 1980, she relocated to Toronto and began her own financial planning company. From the moment she opened the doors to her new company, Linda found success. She also found the more successful the company became, the less time she had to spend with her husband and family.

Despite the success, Linda was unhappy and dissatisfied with her new found lifestyle. She sold the business and put her imagination to work, dreaming up the perfect work situation. This dream led to Linda joining a network marketing company where she made her way to the top ranks in record time and earned millions.

Now Linda’s sharing the secrets that led to her success, giving others the opportunity to overcome obstacles and achieve any goal.